• Write A Way
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      I'm surprised to see that YouMe hasn't something for us writers and authors. You may debate the distinction between the two. This is a place to discuss the craft of writing, be it fiction or...
    • IndiesRising
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      Featuring Outstanding Self-Published Authors & Their Books So Readers Like You & Me Can Find Them (group okayed by Jamez)
    • G+ Refugees
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      We've lost Google Plus, but we have each other.
    • Time Warp
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      TimeWarp is the new space for G+ Time Burglars. Welcome Time Burglar alumni and new members. Paredon our appearance. We are just getting started. Pease make yourselves at home.
    • Foundation for Freedom and Science
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      Science is our most successful tool for understanding the cosmos and ourselves. By using the scientific method and critical thinking, we went from tribal squabbles to exploring deep questions...