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Recent Activities

  • Tony Morton
    Still can't decide if Humanity is a Good Thing, a Bad Thing or BOTH
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    • Tony Morton
    • Tony Morton
  • Michael Hopkins
    Stranger in a Strange Land: What is Survival? - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins
    What is survival? Love and courage embodied Human at it's best ©  2019   M.N. Hopkins Note:    This poem was inspired, written ...
  • Mathew Naismith
  • Al Mac
    Usually I dismiss conspiracy theorists outright. Saying this, Shane Dawson has a unique and engaging way with his audience...and his audience is vast!

    Well known as a good documentarian for entertainments's sake, Shane captures the viewer and takes them on his journey through the ever crazy world of what he's investigating.

    running time: 1:44:44

    PART 2 UP NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNuKpwX6Tz4
    Thanks for Subscribing! https://www.youtube.com/user/shane?sub_confirmation=1
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    Want MORE Conspiracy Theory Videos? Check out the playlist!...
    • Michael Hopkins
  • Rick Rab
    It's 42 minutes long, and some parts well worthy of skipping through, but be sure to listen when the Imam speaks. If only all the members of this cult thought this way...

    Imam Tawhidi answers questions of Senators at a committee hearing into the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Strengthening the Commitments for Australian Citizenship.

    Senators in attendance:

    Senator Pauline Hanson
    Senator Peter Georgiou
    Senator Jane Hume
    Senator Louise Pratt
    Senator Ian Macdonald (Chair)

    Held at...
  • Al Mac
    Please lend your opinion on what is a boy, what is a man, and how a boy can become a man.

    • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    • Mathew Naismith
  • Mathew Naismith
    Plants actually know when they are eaten and send distress signals


    True story:

    A farmer got their farm helper to put he's ear against a gumtree, when the farmer raised his axe to strike the tree, the farm helper could hear the tree make a sucking in noise. I have myself experienced simular reactions from trees freshly felled.
    ...  more
    Plants Actually Know When They Are Eaten And Send Distress Signals | Disclose.tv
    Just because plants do not have brains it doesnt mean they cannot have feelings. Plants can feel distressed as in a way they have a type of...
  • Mathew Naismith
  • Jamez Frondeskias
    Something for all of us to remember.
    • Frank Take
    • Mathew Naismith
  • Mathew Naismith
    Does anyone on here know how to properly debate, this is instead of conducting in an abusive argumentative exchange? I have forgotten how many names I have been called and what I have been accused of void of any evidence what so ever.

    Would you say that a debate is the introduction of supportive evidence to claims? Of course an argumentative exchange needs no supporting evidence to be of an argumentative exchange.

    Debate: A discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some pro...  more
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    • Frank Take
    • Frank Take
  • Rick Rab
    'Mad Dog' the cannibal pictured eating SECOND Muslim in Central African Republic | Daily Mail Online
    WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - The victim was one of two Muslims killed on Sunday by Christians in Bangui in revenge for the lynching of a taxi driver...
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    • Mathew Naismith
    • Mathew Naismith