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Foundation for Freedom and Science


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  • Science is our most successful tool for understanding the cosmos and ourselves. By using the scientific method and critical thinking, we went from tribal squabbles to exploring deep questions and often getting profound answers.
    Freedom is the basic human right to do as one wants, unless it trespasses on other's equal rights to be free.

    We prefer to let people express themselves freely here, so friendly discussion, constructive debate and the dialectic are acceptable, but violations of freedom will never be tolerated. We defend freedom and protect knowledge.
    Plus, we are about changing parochial opinion based laws, or any laws, that impinge on basic human liberty (e.g. do what you like so long as you don't hurt anyone).

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  • Brady Sharrett
    I have worked hard to bring you this. Every minute you see was one hour of my time. collating pictures, video, commentary and audio. Please Subscribe to me on YouTube and like or comment. Then I can spend all day making another video of equal or better quality. If you are able consider that I am using inferior Video Editing Software, and a PC that lags and crashes every 20 minutes. Imagine if a few people threw some change my way. I assure you I would ...  more
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    ...and Now it is here and EPIC. Allah & the Infidel. Episode 15 is upon us....
  • Al Mac
    Thanks for setting this up again. Was a member on G+ for years.
    • Brady Sharrett
  • Brady Sharrett
    Welcome to a new home for defending and spreading Freedom and Science! Fuck you Google +. Welcome all Liberty lovers and Science appreciators. Brady.